Apteq products:

  • Developed in Finland based on the latest research, expert recommendations and consumer feedback
  • Produced in cooperation with leading manufacturers
  • Inspected, tested and registered in strict compliance with the applicable laws
  • Only sold in pharmacies to ensure knowledgeable and personal customer service
  • Continuously monitored and improved based on customer feedback and the latest research

The Apteq concept combines high-quality products and a high standard of service to deliver a revolutionary customer experience. A few examples of the comprehensive quality of Apteq:

  • According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted by EPSI Rating, customers are the most satisfied with the service they receive in pharmacies.1
  • The majority of Apteq health and beauty products are made in a GMP-rated pharmaceutical factory in Finland.
  • The rest of Apteq health, beauty and oral care products are made by certified European manufacturers who are known for their high standards and whose processes comply with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • All Apteq devices and tests are manufactured in accordance with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system and carry CE marking.
  • Apteq devices and tests also satisfy all applicable standards and have passed clinical validation with the best possible results.

1) EPSI Rating 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Pharmacies and grocery shops in Finland.

Fennogate Finland Ltd’s Oiva inspection report

Oiva is a system for reporting the results of food safety inspections. Our Oiva inspection report tells you what the inspectors had to say about, for example, the hygiene of our processes and the safety of our products.

Take a look at our Oiva inspection report!

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