Well-being is a process. How we define well-being is always changing according to the demands of our lifestyle, the challenges we face in our living environment, new knowledge, and new kinds of needs.

What worked yesterday does not necessarily work today. What feels good today may not be enough tomorrow. While well-being changes over time, it is also dependent on our environment. What works in one place may not work in another.

Apteq is designed to address this challenge. Our goal is to identify what is required for well-being now and in the future, wherever you are. Our products are developed in Finland, and we understand what it takes to keep you, in your environment, healthy.

We want to be the first choice of pharmacies everywhere. That is why every product we develop provides something extra – more advanced performance, more value for money, a more enjoyable user experience, or an attractive design. Something that doubles the satisfaction that our customers get from choosing our product.

We also want to feel proud of what we do. That is why we have a strong code of ethics, and every aspect of our business is based on the principles of sustainability, openness and transparency.

Apteq – for happier, healthier people everywhere.